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 Visionary education leaders around the world today are seeking the very best education solutions for their country and their children so that the students can succeed in today’s global digital economy.  Elite USA Education shares your commitment to educational excellence and serves as your bridge between the best of  the USA education resources for our global education partners. Elite USA Education is a USA-based international education corporation established to provide the innovative education resources to our global education partners in China and around the world. The company is headquartered in the Los Angeles region, in the City of Irvine, California USA. Our team is very experienced innovative global education leaders. Elite USA Education is the parent company to several other specialized education companies: Elite American International Schools, Elite USA Montessori, USA STEM Academy, American Entrepreneur Academy, Elite Ivy League Academy, USA Education Pathway and others.

 The mission of Elite USA Education is to “Provide the best practices of the American education system and world-class resources to schools, teachers and parents.”  Our vision is, “To be the global leader in providing the most excellent innovative American education resources worldwide.”

 Elite provides many international education services and programs.  These services include planning, building, and operating international schools (pre-school & K-12) in USA and around the world, buying and selling schools and colleges, investing in new educational opportunities (including EB5 and L1), providing acquisition and growth capital, elite college admissions planning and counseling, immigration services, international education conferences, elite speakers, trainers, business plan competitions, elite USA teacher exchanges, youth and adult entrepreneurship training, summer and winter camps in USA and China, USA home stay arrangements,  sister schools and cities, dual degree programs, pre-K to 12 workshops for teachers and principals, training seminars and international college/university partnerships, executive education, certificate programs, MBA,  and USA technology company tours, oversees product placements/investments.

The Elite team has started several schools in the USA and in China.  The newest high school is in Southern California: University High School of Business and Leadership. Our passion is to provide the very best education that prepares students to be the next generation of global leaders. Excellent education is the most effective way to change a life and improve society.  Our elite American teachers work with our global partners to change lives using innovative education programs necessary for success in the new digital global economy of the 21st Century. We welcome opportunities to work on new projects with visionary global education leaders.




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