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Dr. Donald Verleur

Dr. Donald Verleur

Dr. Verleur, is a life-long educator (over 50 years) and the founder of several schools in California, USA. He is the Founder, NOVA Academy Early College High School; Founder, Olive Crest Academy; Founder, University High School of Business and
Leadership; Founder, The Approach Learning and Assessment Center (Therapeutic Education Center) and Co-founder with his wife Lois of the nationally-recognized Olive Crest Foster Homes and Services for Abused Children. They have served over 50,000 children. At NOVA Academy Early College High School, students graduate with a high school diploma, and a two-year college Associates degree (AA).

Dr. Verleur has been successful as an educator, psychologist, entrepreneur, and community leader. He has been a major visionary for the development of innovative new education programs. These programs have served as cutting-edge leadership in the areas of education, psychology, and human behaviors. His determination, patience, and commitment have served him well in the development of these programs with expedience and quality. Dr. Verleur holds life credentials in general pupil personnel psychology and supervision at the secondary and university levels. He also holds teaching credentials in psychology and
humanities, history and English.

He has served as a teacher in high schools as well as universities in California. Dr. Verleur has received the Spirit Award for “Contribution to the Community in an Extraordinary Manner.” He was also recognized as the Founder of the Year, 2003, Citizen of the Year Award, 2002, Distinguished Award for Serving Children, and in 1988 Washington Charities, “Presidential Award.”

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