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Dan Lau

Dan Lau

CEO, Danka Enterprise

Mr. Lau has 30-years’ experience as an education technology consultant to school districts and corporations in the acquisition and implementation of technology for new and existing schools and buildings. Worked with the Orange County Department of
Education and provided strategic consulting to the County Department of Education and its 33 School districts.

Also consults companies in the design and implementation of hi-tech education and training solutions. Served on the School of the Future Team that recommended the implementation of hardware/software products as well as the development of specific applications to solve education user technology problems.

Dongguan China Learning Center

DANKA Enterprise designed and developed the “Creative Distance Learning System” for the Science and Technology Bureau in Dongguan China. The Learning Center is located in a
four-story Science and Technology building in Dongguan. The center contains four stories of exhibits and displays that are used for instructional and educational purposes. The center also contains a four-story iMax theater housed in the globe shown in the exterior picture of the building.

He works with architects in the planning of new high-tech schools and facilities, and the designing of communications networks to integrate the flow of information within a facility.

Co-founded the SHARE (School and Home Access to Resources for Education) consortium, a collaborative project consisting of four USA unified school districts, a two-campus community college district, public libraries, the Orange County Marine Institute, and the twenty-one campus California State University system as well as several business partners formed to connect learners to instructional, and informational resources wherever they may reside.

Dongguan China Learning Center

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