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Dr. Barbara Barnes

Dr. Barbara Barnes

Dr. Barbara Barnes has over forty years’ experience as a teacher, principal, administrator, education consultant, author and innovative education leader in the public schools, including ten years as a teacher and reading specialist, seventeen years
as a school principal, and five years as a director of business partnerships with education.

She served as coordinator: “Education For the Future” and was director of Partnerships in Education, with California’s number one ranked schools district, Irvine Unified. She has also served as Principal: Irvine Unified School District (ranked number one in California); Vista Verde Year-Round School, Inverness School, Cupertino Union School District (Silicon Valley, California); and Teacher & Reading Specialist: Cupertino Union School District.

For the past fifteen years Barbara has assisted urban, suburban and rural educators in 23 states in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and New Zealand in transforming their K-12 learning environments. She assisted the development of innovative learning programs, partnerships, and organizational strategies at Pittard Campus School, a lab school located at Middle Tennessee State University, Somerset School District in WI, 21st Century Academy in Chattanooga TN, and a High School in an Association House in Chicago. She coordinated ten annual “paradigm shift” conferences, where educators across the US and England created a
Project Based Learning (PBL) curricular model with portfolio assessments designed to measure the student’s real-world skills.

She also served as Principal of San Onofre School, located on the Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base. With her leadership, the school created and implemented a Camp Pendleton World Project that links learning to the world of the students and their families. This included a student produced weekly world news program broadcast throughout the school, across the Marine Base, and through the military network worldwide. As a result of leading edge technologies and a partnership with Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., the school won the Impact Award from the Classroom of the Future Foundation and a Golden Bell Award from the State of California for Partnership with Business and the Community.

Dr. Barnes has coordinated multiple state Environment Science Fairs, led an entrepreneur team of USA high school students to compete and win an international entrepreneurship conference in Italy and coordinated a volunteer after-school tutor and club program.

Dr. Barnes is an innovative Education Transformation consultant for K-12 schools and districts internationally and presenter at national and international education innovation conferences. She is a Digital trainer for Educational Management Group and a facilitator of partnerships with the local/global community.

She is author of “Get Real” Projects for students in grades K-12,” and also author of “It’s The Kids – Forty Years of Innovations in How We Educate our Children.” She is also the author of “The Power of Partnerships – Private-Sector Partners for K-12 Students and Schools.”

Mrs. Barnes made presentations at The World Conference on “Education For All, The National Symposium on Partnerships in Education in Washington, D.C.,” as well as at the International Partnership Conferences in England, France, Canada and Norway; the New Business Initiatives in Education Conference in New York, the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Conference; the Colorado School Boards Conference; the National School Boards Conference; the New Zealand Principals Conference; the National Vocational Education Conference in Wyoming; the Brandwein Leadership Institute in New York;
the Conference Board Workshop in California, and other education and business conferences nationally and internationally.

Barbara has formed numerous business partnerships and received grants to ensure that students improve learning, increase achievement and master the skills necessary for life, work, and citizenship. These include: Beaumont Foundation of America, Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc., Weyerhaeuser, Apple Computer, British Petroleum, British Regional Railways, San Onofre Nuclear Power Station, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Motorola, Medtronic Foundation, Walmart Foundation, Griffin
Publishing Group, Tennessee Aquarium, Pocono Environmental Education Center, and McKee Foods Corporation. She has collaborated on professional development programs with: University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Middle Tennessee State University, Northern Arizona University, University of California, Irvine, Chapman University, Long Beach State University, Virginia Tech, Idaho State University, North Florida University, Sheffield Hallam University in the UK, and Grand Canyon University.

Barbara served on the prestigious Dean’s Advisory Board, School of Education, at nationally-ranked University of California Irvine (UCI). She has received awards of accomplishment from: National Association of Partners in Education; the 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Legislature Senate, State of California.

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